How To Tune A Guitar? | Beginner Lesson to Tune a Guitar | Different Method To Tune A Guitar


This is an image of how to Tune a guitar

How To Tune a Guitar In Different Methods.

Before starting to play the guitar it is very important to tune it properly. With the tuning, all the notes of the different strings form a sequence by tightening and loosening the strings to raise or lower the pitch. To start tuning a guitar it is very important to know the standard tuning of a guitar that is shown in below image.

E|————————-| 1St String
B|————————-| 2nd String
G|————————-| 3rd String
D|————————-| 4th String
A|————————-| 5th String
E|————————-| 6th String

There are different ways to tune a guitar. There are some simple methods to tune a Guitar.

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This is an image of Electric guitar tuner

Many acoustic guitars come with an inbuilt tuner. Some tuner comes separately with an inbuilt mic to catch the sound produced by the strings. For electric guitar, you have to connect the guitar to a tuner.
According to the direction of a tuner, you need to tighten or loosening the strings to match the frequency. With the Electric tuner, you get the accurate tuning.

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This is an image of a guitar tuner app

Nowadays latest app-based software is available with that you can tune your guitar. For that you just need a smart phone download the app and follow the instructions to tune a guitar.

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This is an image of Guitar tuning method with keyboard

You can tune your guitar with other melody instruments such as Keyboard, flute, Harmonium etc. You can tune the open notes of a guitar with the same notes on a keyboard or other instruments.

How To Tune A Guitar By Ear? 

This is an image of a fret

We can tune a guitar with listening carefully to the other strings and tuning the strings to each other.
In this method, if a single string tuned as a standard note we can tune other strings to that particular notes. Suppose 1st string is tuned to E note, so we need to put a  finger on the 5th fret  2nd string and tune both the string same, by this process your 2nd string tuned to  B string at its open position. Now put a finger on 4th fret of 3rd string now match the frequency to 2nd string open when it tuned your 3rd string tuned to G note on its open position. Now again press a finger on 5th fret of 4th string to tune with the 3rd string open position. With this process your 4th string ready with D notes on its open position. Now again press on the 5th fret of 5th string to tune with D note of 4th string. At the same time, your 5th string is tuned with  A note. Same way tune 6th string 5th fret with the 5th string open position.

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